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I drool when I put my new teeth in.


I don't wear them much yet because I have to slurp the drool back in. It's because they were cheap. No, they weren't used. That would be even more disgusting. But they were dirt cheap.

Over the counter. Not fitted to my mouth. One size fits all.

At least, I am blaming the drooling on how they fit. My old ones wore out. They broke in half. I would put them in my dopp kit traveling. I want to blame some airport employee for smashing them but really, I rarely check a bag any more. No, the truth is I wore them out. I don't really like to think about it. I'm a nice person. Really. I am very careful.

You can get the teeth that are fitted, and just the top ones will do. But when you hire a dentist, you are a lot more likely to be tracked and found. I am afraid. I don't smile, either, because of the teeth. People sometimes ask if I am depressed.

No, I will stick with safety. I put my one dollar grocery store fangs in and look in the mirror.

Really, I am drooling because they don't fit right. Not because I'm so so hungry.....

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