I've been singing along to Winamp for most of the day. I'm alone, and it's really loud, and I feel like a rock star.

A habit I think I'm stuck in, forever and ever. It's really enjoyable, truly. It's angsty, and emotional, and when I can work up the courage to scream along with the louder songs, an amazing release of emotion.

It makes me want to be louder, more confident, more than anything else... But it's a habit I've picked up while alone in this big house for the last week, eagerly awaiting the return of my girlfriend from Maine.

For every song, I can put myself in the artists shoes, or adapt the emotional timbre of the song enough so that it relates to me, it fits my life prefectly, so that the song is about me. Me, and me alone.

I feel like a rock star.

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