An anti-drug, pro-Christian slogan which every kid with a quality Christian education knows. The first time I heard this must have been around my early middle school years. This was a good time for those people who wish to brainwash young minds to introduce this--you're young, you're impressionable, you regurgitate catch-phrases like a cow does its cud. It was in some generic stay away from sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll chapel sermon. I can't recall the speaker's words verbatim, but from many years of listening to essentially the same thing repeatadly, I have a good idea of the jist of it:

And when they passed that marijuana around, I looked those ingrates in the eyes and said, "I don't need your stinkin' drugs--I get high on Jesus!"

Now, something seems wrong here. To me, equating the Son of God with a mind-altering drug and implying that the high he provides is drastically greater than marijuana's is quite sacrilegious. (Of course, since He is God, I assume it would also be blasphemous to say that marijuana provides a greater feeling of euphoria than He does, but I digress.) Yet we are told to use this as a repellant to drug-dealers. This is how that situation would go:

Drug Dealer: Hey, kid--wanna try some pot?
Kid: I don't need your drugs--I get high on Jesus!
Drug Dealer: Wow. I haven't heard of this Jesus mess. It's must be pretty good.
Kid: Yes. He is actually 3 people and he rose from the dead and he's going to save us from the evil grasps of Satan.
Drug Dealer Dude, you are seriously trippin'.

Score one for the church!

As a Christian, this qualifies as one of the top ten stupidest things fellow Christians do which bring great shame upon myself and Christianity. Attempting to combat drug addiction with an idiotic phrase is about as intelligent and tasteful as drinking a gallon of dog urine.

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