"Invite him to your wedding."

"That's the worst joke ever! I'm being serious!"

"Um. OK. Well if you don't meet him, maybe you'll always wonder what might have been."

"That's what I was thinking, but it still doesn't really change the cringe factor."

"Maybe it won't be so cringy after you meet him. Or maybe it will be worse. There's only one way to find out."

"That's true. But what if I'm wasting my time."

"It won't be wasting your time if it answers the question. Maybe you just need some safer situation to talk without pressure."

"Like what?"

"Like your wedding!"

"Quit it! I'm being serious!"

"I don't know - you're a better judge of yourself than I am. If it was me, maybe some place I go to a lot."

"I don't know if I need any friends as backup..."

"If you think they would help you feel safe -"

"I'm also afraid they'll just make fun of me if they see anything embarrassing."

"Maybe have them hang out close by, but not too close?"

"God, this is going to be so awkward!"

"I think it will be worth it, regardless of how it turns out."

"Logically I can see that, but it's so safe not doing anything - I half just want to keep waiting!"

"Maybe things will feel better down the line, or maybe it's some other issue."

"We all have issues."

"You're the best judge of what is comfortable, but you still have to live with the decisions you make."

"It's tomorrow! I don't know if I can handle this."

"I say go. If you need backup, I can come along."

"You? Not! All you'll do is make inappropriate jokes!"

"Fine, fine. Well, I would recommend some friends you can trust though. And invite me to the wedding!"




Perhaps it is a dream.

I will probably wake up in a few moments and find myself half awake,  on your couch

trying to remember what I had to drink last night.  


Yet,                              I have blinked.   

waking into a world that includes an empty apartment in a hollow city with no living creature within ear shot.   

A park full of trees without birds makes no sound at all. 


So                               perhaps,  the world has blinked.

some part of the universe has tilted 

leaving us with no peers, only echoes 



And we open our eyes                                         to find 

two sides of a mirror that cannot be crossed and each other


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