"I'm forking it now," she said. 

You couldn't tell anything had changed though. She was still sitting on the throne. But she knew what was happening. Maybe not with her physical eyes. Like knowing Paris is there, even if you don't see it.

Everything was being copied. Countless versions of herself and everything else, spread out across the dimensions. While they shared almost every other detail, the question of the day was being explored for as long as they cared to. Which way did they want to go? Every single possibility was being played out across the multiverse, each with her on the throne, awaiting the results of all the other forks.

"I think we've explored this branch far enough," she thought to herself, or the other versions of herself. And with that, she collapsed into her chair, and that fork of her world back into its parent, and all learnings integrated back into its parent branch. 

It was only a few minutes before she, and all the other versions of her, had seen as far into the future as they wanted, and all the possibilities came back together to form a in-depth vision of how things were going to go. As long as she was in the driver's seat, it was practically impossible to outguess her, since she could walk as deep into future possibility space as she wanted to.

"I have a plan," she announced.

"Of course you do," her partner replied. Which was true. Ever since she took over the driver's seat.

She spent the next few minutes briefly explaining what she was planning. "One of you is going to have take the throne for a while this time," she said. "This is something I'm going to have to do in person." 

Her partner seemed almost ready to jump on, but she indicated they had to go together and that she was going to leave one of the other crew members in the driver's seat. "All that has been foreseen too," she said. "Trust me, it's for the best."

One might ask how she could give up so much power so easily. The answer was that she wasn't really giving it up. She already knew the throne was going to take care of the new driver as she wanted it to, and that there would be no immediate problems while she went back. None of the drivers would ever make a mistake again, which made it all the more perplexing how the previous driver could have left the seat empty for so long.

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