Shaved is feminine.

I always thought that an otherwise average woman who has a shaved head looks more feminine, not less, than the average woman with a full head of hair. Lets face it, not everyone can have long full shining tresses. So why be mediocre about it.

Shaved is unusual.

A shaved head makes you stand out from the crowd. It makes people turn their heads. It's obvious you are not part of the herd. It's in the same category as piercings and tattoos, but less trendy.

Shaved is beautiful.

The sight of a shaved head glistening in the sun, the topography in sharp relief. Oh, it makes me shiver.

Disclaimer: Shaved heads are not for everyone. If you have a hole in your skull, or your head is funny shaped, perhaps you should find a different haircut.

I happen to be a woman with a shaved head. I often find myself discussing it with people I meet online, either when asked what I look like or after people view my website. Parents and boyfriends aside, I usually get very positive reactions to being a female with a shaved head, from both males and females.

Not long ago, I had a conversation about my lack of hair with a guy that I met online. He said something to the effect that it was great that I could escape from society's obsession with physical appearance and do something not because it would make me look beautiful.

Frankly, I found that insulting.

I love the way I look with a shaved head. Most people agree with me (although that isn't actually why I shaved or why I continue to shave my head). I simply could not believe that anyone would think I would intentionally make myself look bad, just to prove a point or make a stand or something. I wasn't making a statement, I was making a decision about my own person and what I thought made me attractive. When I pointed that out to him, that I actually think I look good, he got quite confused. He could not even comprehend how a girl could look good with no hair. It blew my mind that someone could be so mistaken and closed minded.

Apparently he didn't like women with shaved heads.

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