I had stopped looking at her, and started gazing. She really was lovely. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap, a demure smile across her face. Her pale blue eyes looked off to the side. You know you're in for a fall when you start noticing things like how the candlelight makes her eyes sparkle, and how if you breathe just right, you can catch the scent of her hair, and what a lovely scent it is, and you're wondering whether or not she knows how lovely it is, and did she do it on purpose, just for me

"I like you, too," she said.

with that same smile, the same sparkle, the hands still neatly in her lap. Pure confidence.

How did she do that?


She's shy, she's not this forward, and up until now, I was pretty sure she lacked the ability to read my mind. Her timing was perfect. She had pure confidence, and it showed. Her voice was steady, her tone casual... she was the very picture of nonchalance. But... how did she do that?

"I like you, too," she repeated. I'm still astonished. She means it? She can't mean it. Well, she probably does mean it, but she wouldn't say it... not so soon...

"I'm sorry, what?" Profuse blinking. I'm sure my lackofattention/deafness/sputtering idiocy was charming.

"I like U2," she said a third time, mildly annoyed/confused/turned off. "And Coldplay, Dave Matthews, the Cure..."

Oh. Music. Yeah. I had asked about music, hadn't I? Funny how you forget when you're looking into eyes like those.

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