A phrase whose utterance will cause any self-respecting geek to shudder - "the one with the whales" being a reference to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

This phrase is most often heard when some neophyte - often female - is trying to edge her way into a conversation about Star Trek, or all too often any sort of Sci-Fi related discussion. If the conversation in question is, however, actually about Star Wars, it is generally considered acceptable, or even prudent, to bitch slap said neophyte.

The problem isn't with professing to like Star Trek IV which is, in fact, a very good entry in the Star Trek saga, easily better than any odd numbered movie. The problem is that it quite certainly isn't the best - that position being reserved for The Wrath of Khan. The Undiscovered Country and First Contact are also often ranked above The Voyage Home.

The reason this phrase is so irritating is because it is heard so often. The Voyage Home is easily the most popular Trek among the unwashed masses, probably because they find it the most accessible - it takes place in contemporary times, therefore has few "strange looking aliens", and deals with such politically correct fare as saving the whales. This just feeds into the stereotypical geek behavior of disliking anything viewed as popular.

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