Something that I hate to hear.. I don't need more big brothers, why do the guys I like turn into them?

Is it a vibe I send out? The "Please, protect me, talk to me, be my big brother" vibe?

I don't understand...

"I love you like a sister." I told her. She smiled back at me and I could see she didn't understand. She knew it was a compliment but she just didn't get it. This was one of the biggest compliments I could give a friend. So I tried to explain....

Sisters are family. Family sticks together no matter what. Family tells you when you are dating a complete moron, are spending too much money, have poor fashion sense, and/or in general doing something to royally fuck up your life. You can yell at family in anger, you can take out your frustrations on family. Ten minutes later, family will have forgiven you and will ask you to go to the mall with them.

Family annoys you, butts into your private affairs and gives unsolicited advice. But family only does this because sometimes you are too blind to see what is painfully obvious. Family understands you, loves you for who you are, and helps you when you are down.

Sisters are family....

and that's why I love you like a sister.
I fear that not everyone has good sisters. I know a sister (not mine) that is conniving, spiteful, petty, shallow, and snobbish. She is awful.
The nicer one (see my post in platonic erotic massage) was wonderful, nothing like her sister. She loved her sister, but couldn't spend any time with her. "I love you like a sister" to her would mean that you want to take something from her.

Families can suck, too.

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