A few days ago I got a text message on my (Nokia 7110) mobile phone.
I clicked 'Reply', and was greeted with a screen titled 'Start reply with...'. I was looking down through the hard-coded options on the phone...

Empty screen ...makes sense
Original message ...hmm might be hard to fit it and the reply in 160 characters, but still... good
OK ...unimaginative but hey
Thank you
Happy birthday ...yes, these could all come in handy
I love you, too

... wait a minute ... "I love you too"? I can hardly think of a less sincere way to say those words. You don't have time to mean it, so - just three clicks of the Navi-RollerTM and love can be yours. That could have been a marketing slogan.

What's even worse is, I used it to reply to a message from my girlfriend. She asked for it though - sending a text with just the words "I love you". I did it to see what it felt like. A few clicks... and she thought I loved her back. I do of course, but it didn't feel like I meant it that time. I just pressed the I-love-you-too button. I came clean that evening; it was ok, she didn't even seem outraged. That worried me, too.

Appropriately, the next entry on the quick-reply list is 'Sorry'.

How dare you steal my thunder?
In three glorious words you destroyed me,
my mighty stone walls crumbling over your soft gaze.


"Exhibit A, your honor: my love for you."

"If the ladies and gentlemen of the jury would please
note the depth of this fine specimen,
observe the numberless sparkles of wonder
and the welcoming blindness of devotion,


Instead you smiled at me,
your small fingers caressing the back of my neck.
"I love you," you breathed,
descending upon me as your cheek snuggled in next to my over-sized nose.

My heart beats against yours, racing, straining past the quarter pole,
my cheeks rise in pleasure, but my gut droops, defeated.

"I love you too," I sigh, caressing the dimple on your right cheek,
holding you tightly.

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