I Palindrome I is a song by They Might Be Giants, taken from their 1992 album, Apollo 18.

The lyrics concern a boy whose mother lies dying and who wishes to hasten her death so that he can get his hands on her money. He is thwarted, not only by the fact that his mother is cleverer than he thinks, but also by the fact that his father returns at the last moment to save the day. Of course, like all They Might Be Giants songs, other people will have different interpretations of its meaning. Some will say it is just a playful look at the nature of palindromes!

Interestingly, (nearly) all the backing vocals to this song are palindromes, and include the famous "Egad! A Base Tone Denotes A Bad Age".

A sample lyric from the song:

"Son, I am able," she said, "though you scare me." "Watch," said I "Beloved," I said, "watch me scare you though." Said she, "Able am I, Son."

Whilst this is not a palindrome, it does read the same backwards as forwards, so perhaps if it was sung in Chinese, or any other pictographic language, it would be.

The song also talks about the legend of Ouroboros, the snake (or worm) eating its own tail. This is, of course, a very clever visual palindrome in itself

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