i'm wanting for you to be asleep, lost in dreams
i'm wanting for you to be asleep
i'm wanting for you

tracing letters on his sleeping back

mmm, he said, i love you, too.
i had traced 'illusion'

The Beginning
come here, his voice said and his eyes pleaded...
hand warm on my arm feverishly warm
"i think i need to love you"

walking out the front door leaving the lights and pulsing beats leaving him
I kissed the side of his neck

and he tasted like sugar.

I remember this night because I was so very drunk,
lying under a tree on a downtown sidewalk,
thinking that this boy, inside,
was like cotton candy,

s l o w l y   m e l t i n g   u n d e r   t h e   s l i g h t   m o i s t u r e   o f   a   k i s s.

The End
A thunderstorm...
we blew out the candles--released the flickering shadows in favor of lightning.
Whispers in the dark...
me into his neck about the beauty of autumn leaves trapped in a chain link fence and him--of rain caught in the mesh of a window screen--into my hair.
his fingers across my eyelids and my lips to his because neither of us had the words for goodbye.

How did the parting go?
Keys in hand, I looked back at him,
curled into the shadow that had overtaken my warmth,
then pulled the door closed behind me quietly so quietly,
leaving my shadow and a small note behind.


and the sky tonight is black,
the air cool and still somehow heavy.
the moon is just peeking from behind a building
but the stars are hiding, completely, from the world.
i'm wishing on the lot of them (because i know
they're there) even if i never saw a 'first'.
you're precious to me, most lovely
creature. keep my heart warm,
please, and feel free to
make a home of it.
i love you. truly.
in my own way.



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