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You probably didn't realize how tough this was going to be on me.

You had no idea that asking me such a simple question would cause me to fall silent, and stare. How shall I answer you?

Shall I tell you that not a day goes by without my regretting not telling you the truth?

Shall I tell you that in spite of what I may or may not have said, done, thought, I knew you were right?

I wonder if I should tell you that no matter where I was, whisps of you haunted my thoughts. Every once in a while, I would see you in a smile, in a star, in a dream. It would linger on my mind for days afterward.

I wonder if you ever had the same experience concerning me.

You're sitting there, waiting for me to answer you. You are probably wondering if I was paying attention.

So how have you been? Really?

I shall tell you in silence.

thank you, Byzantine

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