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Verse VI

Rain pours down in thunderous passion as
my dog howls for god
and god howls for my dog,
in loving pairs they sing sweet songs together
and like the dog, I sing for you,
Walt Whitman, dance with me,
your flight of words across the heavens inspires,
your ship is leaving and I want a ticket upon it,
we ride past stars and galaxies,
you show me clusters of worlds and worlds of clusters,
and races and beings and plants and
look there! The Glantari,
who is a sentient plant,
he breaths through slits upon his sides,
his shape is like a halved watermelon,
his eyes are small and crab-like
upon small stalks that shoot out from the top of his head
amongst tentacles that grab particles from the air
to feast upon, he moves by tentacles on the ground
tentacles with which he articulates his art,
and his art is science,
and his science is amazing for he designs
ships and worlds like I have never beheld before,
glory be to god Walt Whitman,
for you have led me astray,
and now we walk together through the rain,
the lights are on and yet it’s still light outside,
my fingers grow tired,
but still you make them dance,
dance, dance with me one more time Walt,
walk with me, talk to me
like the mushroom, sing to me like Shiva
who sung through psilocybin
in Berlin the Germans like XTC
and in Paris, fine hashish is eaten
in spoonfuls at the club de hashishins,
but we go on to Siberia where shamans eat amanitas
and drink the intoxicant piss of their elders
like the naked Celts of Britain
whom Caesar encountered,
naked and blue and tripping their balls off,
they charge the Roman
lines hallucinating madly from mushrooms and
spirits, they run madly into Roman lines,
not realizing when they are dead until long after,
like Jacob’s ladder, they spray death into the night,
and from the night come these words,
from the darkness comes these words,
and if these words be too dark then I will be dark
and if these words be of god,
then I will be of god,
and if these words come from the devil
then I will be of the devil
for I do not care, for I am these words
and these words are part of god
and Brahman is all that there is
and I am part of Brahman,
we are two giant fractals
one part of the other,
where do I begin and where does Brahman end,
where do I end and where does Brahman begin?

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