A young lady walked into my work an hour ago with bloodshot eyes and she was shaking. She wanted to get online so I had her sign in and pointed her at a computer.
About 15 minutes later she comes up to the counter, still a tad bloodshot and tells me shes having some problems. This much so far is apparent to me. She goes on to tell me that she can't get onto the computer at home because her boyfriend is using her account, and that he hit her when she tried to get him to let her use it.
This did not sit well with me.

She further requested that I helped her get him back. So I pasted the The *Real* pi version of pi to the umpteenth decimal place into an e-mail along with the words:

Guess what this is... Because you are never going to get any of it ever again from me...

...Well SHE thought it was funny. :P
I then proceeded to mail it to him untill our server here at work crashed.

There, I feel better now that I have confessed. That is what being raised catholic does to a person. Fuck I need a cig... This is the shit I pull when I forget to wear the patch.

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