In the book Generation X, Andy decides to surprise his parents on Christmas Day. He went out day before and bought hundreds of candles of all shapes and sizes and when the morning came he got up before everyone else and set them all up in the living room and lit them. They come downstairs and are taken away from the scene, a room in their house that was now being illuminated like it had never been before, even if that was the only house they'd never known. All those years and no one had ever done something like this, something so simple and yet you know it took forethought, it took time and planning and love.

I miss being able to do things like that for people. Aside from surprise birthday parties, people just don't get pleasant surprises much these days. For me, I would be more surprised if the people in my life were just consistent, if they would just reach out to me more often. I'm not talking breakfast in bed or anything ultimately romantic, but things you could do for anyone you cared enough for. Little things. The good things in this world that people do for other people are such little things, and yet we seldom do them.

I want someone to take out on a picnic, with apples and cheese and wine. I want someone to go to the beach with me and stay in a seedy hotel watching TV and eating Oreos. I want someone to show up at my door on a lazy Saturday afternoon and take me somewhere without having any idea where they're going. I want to not be the only one who thinks to do these things. I want someone to do these things for, so maybe I do need a boyfriend. If my close friends back home were here, I'd do cute things for them. I guess that's why I'm looking forward to going back home, so I can show them all the little ways that they mean the world to me, since a boyfriend just doesn't look like it's going to happen for a while.

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