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Today i didn't want to leave the house however after 2 weeks of avoiding grocery shopping i decided it was time to go. I thought about going to a health food store and on my way almost got into a car accident. I went around the store for 10 minutes gathering items i thought i needed or whatever. I remember thinking about how all the workers who worked at the health food store were pretty hot. I stared at dairy free ice cream for a minute and decided on chocolate. I picked up some conditioner, clay mask, cabbage, onion, and as i was inspecting a juicy lemon, a woman wearing sunglasses, a hat, and walking with a cane rounded the corner. She started to show excitement, pointing to the pants i was wearing, i told her that my room mate had painted them. She then pointed at one of my tattoos above my hip bone of a lamb (a sticker i had growing up). She asked me if it was my dog, i told her it was a sticker i use to have. Then she said "Abby....Abby". I thought about ignoring her and saying "who?" but it was too weird, Abby happens to be the name of my parents dog, the dog i grew up with. I told her and i said you are psychic. She said "no, i just pick up on energies" but that is psychic (to me). She then started to ask what i do. Before i could answer, she asked if i was going through something, I responded no. She said "it's you...my nephew is meeting T.I., you will sing on his album." I started to get more uncomfortable (i make music and use to sing and i am classically trained). She pulled up her facebook and showed me a video of her nephew rapping. She said he was different and so was i and that she didn't want a thottie bitch singing on the track. I rejected the offer, i told her i didn't want to express myself through my voice but i'd love to check out her nephews music. She was offended, told me that we should go to the car, but she wouldn't kill me. She told me that i needed to hold my head up high and tell the world who i was. She told me there were strangers out there that i would meet, strangers that would lend me a shoulder to cry on. She told me that she was a foster child, she has 4 children. She said that i would be her niece. I told her i wasn't her niece. I was tense. She told me that she was throwing energy, and i could feel it. My body was reverberating. She pulled out a piece of aloe vera from the produce display and hit my arm with it playfully. She said some things i couldn't understand because at that point my brain was in full shock and process mode. She walked away.

I dropped my basket of items and walked out the back door. I got to my car and started driving and crying, still feel the physical intensity of the psychic. I called up a friend to see if she wanted to walk, i felt that i needed to be outside. She instead suggested seeing a movie and i thought that it may calm me down. We sat in the theater for 20 minutes watching BS content on the screen, a woman sat down a seat apart from us, another man sat in the front(??) and then another older man entered the theater looked at me directly and said "MANIC MANIC" and then sat behind us.

Throughout my life, i have had similar experiences of people approaching me, telling me certain things about my energy. I am spooked. Either cursed or close to knowing one of my past lives.

I was also approached.

Yesterday, standing outside the market, an unfortunate incident occured involving me shatting in my pants. It was awful and I sent an emergency call to the noders to come to my aid with napkins.

For hours I stood there, the unfortunate incident becoming a very disquieting feeling and for the first time in my life I began to cry.

To note, I am a man and I have always been a strong man, but this was very upsetting to me.

And then I was approached.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"There was an unfortunate incident..."

"Hold your head up high," she told me as a bright light surrounded her. She tapped me on the arm with a bottle of Aloe Vera and my eyes were suddenly opened. I saw (with eyes open now) that much of what I have always believed was wrong. My reliance on violence, murder, and the general enslavement of the people were not good values. These were terrible values, these values I have always treasured, and I needed to make a change.

"Who are you?" your friend Behr asked the woman.

"Abby... Abby..." she said before promising not to kill me.

"You have opened my eyes," I told her. "I have stopped crying."

"Behr, you died when you removed all your internal organs and threw them in a wastebasket. Medical science was correct."

"It was?" And then I realized IT WAS. How could I have been so wrong? This was truly eye opening! I had no idea what was happening to me, because then Abby took my hand and we began to drift upwards towards the clouds, and the clouds opened and I was taken through a field of clouds and people were smiling.

Shit was weird. I don't think we're in Philadelphia any longer.

My friends.

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