... I couldn't tell the difference... both blindfolds tasted exactly the same.

I have participated in a blind taste test. Only one. And there were no blindfolds.

The people giving the test were with Pepsi. They wanted to give me the Pepsi Challenge. I said, "sure."

They gave me a soda cracker and a small cup of water. I ate and drank dutifully. (I was 11, so this was serious stuff)

Then they gave me the first cup. At the time, I drank Pepsi because I thought I liked it better, but I liked the idea of the Coke company better, so wanted to vote for Coke. What can I say, I was young and dumb. I drank the first sample and it wasn't very good.

They gave me another soda cracker and more water to clear my palate. I followed instructions.

They gave me the second cup. It looked and smelled almost identical to the first. I drank. It was pretty good.

They asked me to tell them which I thought was better. As I mistakenly believed that I liked the taste of Pepsi better, but liked the people with Coke better, I voted for the first as it tasted worse.

Of course, I ended up voting for the Pepsi.

That'll teach me to lie.

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