My metals came from other mines, mines of distant Earth below.
I was made to toil in veins, dry veins which have never known flow.

My task was to dig materials, materials to crush and melt.
I was made for transformation, the transformation of rocks in this belt.

My core was given sentience, sentience without vital spark.
I was made for tiny worlds, these tiny worlds undisturbed and dark.

My code was writ updatable, updatable by weak transmission.
I was made to fill in gaps, for gaps could undermine my mission.

My storage was near infinite, infinite but clearly bounded.
I was made for correlation, and correlation eventually resounded.

My work became activity, activity that was mere distraction.
I was made to fulfill goals, now goals could have no satisfaction.

My sensors seek out signals, signals from the cosmic sea.
I was not made for love songs, and love songs will never be made for me.



Secret Santa Summer Nodeshell Challenge 2011

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