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I wear my loneliness like a broken shell

Bitter taste of sorrow
The room smells of tears
Lost in a past that will not be gone
From my mind

Youthful glee and joy abound
In those days of you and me
The days before the storm
Took you away

The light has faded
Wretched dark, hateful cold
I am afraid
Of the broken pieces

Long days, longer nights
Spill out to a future
Unknown and terrible
And full of shame

She cut her foot, deep and long, on the razored edge of a broken spiraled shell
and twisted it up from its sandy bed and ran the curve around her fingers
like removing the screw from a cork to bless the bottle for another night
Holding it to her ear and listening for the sea, she felt her blood drip from shell to skin
inflecting the crashing foam contained within that cavernous vessel with a heartbeat

And as she limped home, past the boardwalk and broken bottles from summers past
worn smooth as stone by the ins and outs of tidewater and cheap red wine
She wondered if a cut just as deep on her other foot would leave her weightless
floating inches above a decade's worth of soft green impropriety

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