I've always wanted to, because I had heard it was better for my back, but as far back as I can remember, I've slept on my stomach, which I've been told is the worst thing for my back.

I have had large breasts about half as long as I've been alive, so sleeping on my stomach requires some effort. I prop my pillow on top of my forearms, which forces my elbows to stiffen in an "L" shape and causes my shoulders to arch up, as though I am carrying a stack of books. This is all in an effort to make my boobs less smooshed.

Often I will wake up and both of my arms are asleep, leaving me to gimp about the apartment, unable to grasp anything until blood circulation returns. It is pretty stupid, but it's the only thing I know to do. Either that or double up on pillows. It's bad on my back but I've gotten used to it.

It amazes me how easily we grow accustomed to things that are bad for us.

I, too, used to think that sleeping on one's back was the way to go...sleeping position-wise. Unfortunately, I discovered at a young age that my arms are not willing to play along with my ventral orientation whilst abed.

They get antsy, and want to have little adventures; waving around and gesturing fretfully to start, then messing about with the blanket or duvet. It's patently ridiculous. After a time, my legs decide to get in on the act, and then it's just wigglewigglewiggle until I get the straps tightened down and the velcro refastened.

However, I have noticed that under very certain circumstances I can sleep on my back. When I'm with an affectionate female about whom I feel similarly cuddly, sleeping on my back seems natural and wholly comfortable. It allows for my favorite snuggling position: curled cozily next to me, her head on my collarbone, her arm draped across my chest, and her leg wrapped over mine. When I'm sleeping like this, there's nothing so sweet as feeling her breathe...sensing my own breathing slowly synchronize in counterpoint to softly rock her body to sleep and cradle her solid presence so close.

It's been too long since I slept like that...almost a year now. While my body returns to its known positions with a familiarity born of years' experience, I want the other. To comfort with touch feeds my soul in ways that words, clever or eloquent as they may be, fail utterly.

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