I have long been on the quiet side, possibly because I am a geek, and have an accent that makes people ask the same sort of questions over and over again. So I have frequently been at odds to just how to instigate that first point of contact, be it with a female of interest, or passing the time with some strange guy.

Behold the humble, foul, sublime and cancerous cigarette. It gives the (ab)user a golden opportunity to strike up a conversation with damn near anybody. It can also serve to drive away conversation. It is (apparantly) great after sex, and I am told by authoritave sources that the first one in the morning is like nothing else.

the problem is, I get headaches if I have more than 1 or 2 smokes (see fags), not then, but later. And the next morning I feel sanded down and the last thing I want is to refresh with another.

Thank God that we non-smoker (or smoking -inept) persons have the internet to strike up conversations.

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