I wish I was a fish
a-swimming in the water
I'd do the things I want to do
and NOT the things I oughta!

(I don't remember the rest of the song, I was very young when we sang it)

What I DO remember is this:

It's probably from "Down by the Creekbank" a children's church choir program that I was in when I was I was about seven. Unfortunately, I've looked at this lovely 1978 made musical and don't remember which song these lines are from. I do remember I had a few lines in the small strung together sketches that count as "plot". The aforementioned plot was really corny and went along with all the songs we had to sing. We were dressed in overalls and supposed to be "country children hanging out by a creek" not much of a stretch for kids from a rural part of Mississippi, now is it? It was strangely like a young Southern Baptist Hee Haw.

In all honesty, the feelings expressed in that short chorus is an exact summation of how I feel.

I was in this too when I was a youth...

I wouldn't have to do my homework
I wouldn't have to go to bed
I'd only eat the things I really like, and not the things I hate:
Like turnip greens, brussel sprouts, beats, asparagus, liver, pimento cheese, cauliflower, onions, squash oh please.

Every once in a while, this song will get stuck in my head!

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