A few months back, I saw this node book marked on someone's homenode. For some reason, the name stuck with me, making me smile secretly to myself every time I saw money with writing on it. Writing messages on money is an amazing opportunity to sneak a secret message into an anonymous stranger's pocket. I wanted to do this, I wanted to write messages like that, I wanted to make people smile and wonder. But, unfortunately, I am not a very imaginative writer.

Then one night, last week, lying in bed waiting for sleep to overtake me, I had a thought. I have found some of the most beautiful phrases in the English language in node titles. I thought to myself, why not use those to write on money?

So I did. I rarely use cash, so it was easy for me to pull the one dollar out of my wallet and write a small little message on the border of the bill. I smiled to myself, proud of what I'd done.

The first time someone read it in front of me, I felt panicked. It was today at work. I gave a dollar as a donation to the American Heart Association, I had written two node titles on it. My co-worker looked at it, and said, "Huh, did you read what was written on here?"

I lied and said, "No, what's it say?"

She said, "It doesn't make any sense, what is this?"

But, then she did something funny, she took out a dollar from her wallet, and swapped it for the one with the message on it.

Today, I made a dollar worth so much more than its face value. I need more dollars.

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