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Ian Clarke is the originator of Freenet which was originally outlined in Ian Clarke's 4th year paper at Edinburgh University. He has been one of the lead developers on Freenet and continues to be it's spokesman. He is currently in California starting a new company called Uprizer which is the subject of much speculation, as a possible anonymous publication servers in the vein of Publius or Free Haven, but about which relatively few hard facts are available.

Ian Clarke is Irish, he studied computer science in Edinburgh and whilst living there shared a flat with a group of people who managed to set up a centreal server in the closet. They would prefer to email each other via thier own network rather than knock on each others doors. There was also a one armed bandit in the same closet.

Ian won the individual prize in the Aer Lingus young scientists competittion with a project for calculating ray's through a diffuse object.

He was the first person to ever describe the computing language Python to me, I now use python in prefference to any other language.

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