I just got an Ibanez Prestige electric guitar today.


It's got a low profile Floyd Rose licensed double locking vibrato bridge that stays in tune like crazy no matter how you beat on it.

It's got two Dimarzio humbucking pickups.

A volume knob and a tone knob.

Abalone dot inlays on the rosewood fingerboard.

Mother-of-pearl "Ibanez" inlay on the headstock.

bookmatched flamed maple top.

All in all, a very very nice guitar.

Update Nov 19 2000,

Today, I was in the Guitar Center on I-45 and FM 1960 in North Honston, (which is not where I bought the guitar), and I was talking to one of the guys that worked there. I mentioned that I bought an Ibanez Prestige, and he asked "which one?", (a strange question, I thought at first). I told him, the one that's stained a "dark gray", and he told me that there were only 12 of those made. Funny thing is, I've actually played 3 of them. There were 2 of them at the Westheimer Guitar Center, one of which I bought, and I played one of them on the The Guitar Center on Sunset. So I've played 1/4 of the world's supply of those guitars. Pretty weird.

I think I'll go annoy the neighbors with it now.

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