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your words, so delicate, betray sometimes beyond your wish, how deeply you feel the world around you.. how you allow everything, everyone to touch you in some way so beautiful and personal they can never be forgotten, never be dimished in the fading glow of memory.

no one who meets you is the same afterwards. you're unselfish to a suicidal degree, giving away a part of yourself, without request, to those who unknowingly need it.

but what little you gave me, though infinite in worth, never seems enough. and when you told me that it had been too long, that you needed someone, i wanted to tell you that if i could be someone i'd be the one for you.

i'd be the one to take you out to see mimes in the park on saturday and clowns in coffee shops on sundays. i'd read you poetry at midnight when the moon sinks deep into clouds unseen and you think it's sinking forever until you catch it gliding by.. and you know everything will be alright. i'd be the one to give you everything because you deserve no less than this, my dear, sweet boy.

how i wish to hold you forever through sadness, delirium, wrong and right... and never grow tired...

i dream to heal your wounds
but i bleed myself.

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