The scene: My junior year at college I was sitting at the bar in the middle of the afternoon.
There was a light snow falling, and my roommate, who for brevity I will refer to as G, and I were the only two patrons in the place. We were both working an a $1.05 pounder (16 oz.) Milwaukee’s Best, and just shooting the shit… It is truly one of the only things that I miss about the academic life style: the luxury of free time to just sit and talk and watch the snowfall.

G was going off on how this girl he had been talking to was starting to freak him out:

G: So constantly she just outta nowhere breaks out in this femi-nazi bullshit… man, I can’t take it any more…
ME: what do you mean?
G: Everything I do she is all over me…
ME: Really I never got a man-hater vibe from her.
G: No, its just she always spouting the same tired woman’s lib shit.
ME: If I was a woman I’d be a feminist too.
G: Now what the fuck does that mean?
ME: Can I ask you a question first… When you go out who drives?
G: I do
ME: But you don’t own a car…
G: What does that have to do with anything? You knew that before you asked the question.
ME: That’s why I’d be a feminist.
G: What?
ME: let me put it this way, ( note: G is an African-Korean American ) your black right? So what would you do if someone thought that you were inferior because of it?
G: A racist?
ME: No, not that they discriminated against you, or said or did any thing, just that they thought inside that they were better or smarter. You be pissed right?
G: Fuck yah
ME: You’d try and prove to them they were wrong?
G: But they would be…
ME: But they would get tired of you always crying about how the white man is persecuting you…
G: And that would be their problem.
ME: Amen

Moral: Best I can figure everyone has issues, and though I don’t consider myself a sexist, I only really care about mine. Because those are the ones I have to deal with each and every day.

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