if a geek.boy wrote poetry to his geek.girl...

I wanna grep key /dev/your-heart
and make love to you baby
not just make fuck to you baby!

so I'l just cp /dev/null to-all-my-other-commitments
and mv them aside
echo all for you | cut -c9-

I strip mysoul.o bare for you!
it's true
I think I^H^H^H^H^H^H^H love you!

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Let us make a.out to the twinkle of the sun's drive lights.
We will sit together, and touch files in a directory where only we have the rights
nobody will see us strip binaries in the darkness
Together we shall fork(2) processes
At that mount point you will know it's me
and we shall listen to the disks hum, as they swap with gcc

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