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We've all had that experience, the first date we thought we went well right up to the end when we went in to seal the deal with a kiss -- but then, at the last minute, she slightly turned her head to offer her cheek instead of her lips. Perhaps we were too dense to read the signs of slowly fading interest, from our failure to keep impressing; or perhaps there was a single moment, near the end even, when some incautious blurting of a disdained characteristic snapped her out of the belief that we were perfect for her. Perhaps she made the decision a split second before, even as we leaned in with lips just slightly parted.

But the solution is simple. If a girl offers you her cheek, kiss her neck. She can't readily turn her head to offer her cheek at all without exposing her neck, which is usually a vulnerable spot and therefore typically a flirtatious move in itself. Don't attack it as though you are getting away with something you shouldn't be doing. Don't rush in, or you'll frighten her into reacting, and end up bumping heads. Be matter of fact about it, just as though she had breathlessly whispered in your ear that very moment, "kiss my neck." Be unhurried, but do not linger, be gentle, but firm -- do not push against her neck with your lips, but press them lightly there and suck in, just for a moment, not hard enough to leave a mark nor long enough for her to object, because by then you'll be done and she'll be wondering if that isn't what she had wanted you to do all along.

If her mind was already made up, it won't help, but it won't hurt either. But this is a woman we're talking about. Her mind is seldom really made up at this point; and she has the prerogative of changing her mind, except that you need to show her something that makes it worth changing. A kiss on an offered cheek is gentlemanly of course, and you can play it that way, but it is also meek. And the meek will NOT inherit the Earth. An unexpected kiss on the neck will show that she hadn't pegged you as neatly as she thought, and done right it just might give a hint of what she'll be missing.

And after you kiss her neck, don't sit around waiting for a reaction. The kiss goodnight is a kiss goodnight, and is followed immediately by your departure, again unhurried, but without lingering.

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