Mama Moth bought her clean ribbons at the Incognito Store

for all she knew, she could have been Goebbles shoe-shine boy
she had flat plaid panoramas for legs and couldn't try harder to look thin
her Mouse Patrol vest clasped at the neck, clamping like the tight heart she was
she stood around at Ground Control hoping for an astronaut boyfriend
but third stage paranoia got the best of her
She ate at the Feurgesons on thursday eve, but couldn't find normal anywhere

The night she lay dead, her spandex stretched tighter than any Start Trek uniform
merchants wept at her feet, like they'd lost their own Dame Edna
what a massive production, death and all, only for the attention and eulogies
but If she really wanted to fit in, she’d get a smaller dog.

This nodeshell rescued by the Johann Excellent Nodeshell Rehabilitation Center And Everything2 Cocktail Party

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