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You're sitting at work, rather bored, and you notice the large amount of rubber bands just sitting there. So you take one, place it on the tip of your index finger, pull, aim at the picture of a tree on the side of your cubicle and fire.

That was pretty close! But you could get the hang of it. Yeah, you could become really good at it. You try again. A bit closer. One more try. A bit further away that time. One more. That was really close. Okay, one last try. Really, this is the last. Hooray! You hit it.

Okay, just one more. Yes, if this was an Olympic Sport, you'd be world champion. You can just hear the hiss of the crowd, and then the quiet anticipation as you mount your final rubber band. This is for the gold. You pull, aim, and....

Yes! And the winner is... You can hear your national anthem playing. You will definitely be a hero!

No, you already ARE a hero.

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