I am going on the assumption that hitting the reset button means that you lose everything in the past 10 years that you learned and experienced.

In that case, hell no!  Here's why:

I would be 13, horny as shit and unable to get laid, disproportional, and worst of all, still in middle school.  Having very few friends, I would be the social punching bag for everyone to use.  Armed with a half-developed intellect and a fantastic amount of demotivation, I would be too stupid to realize that interesting classes are the "harder" classes and hence get myself stuck in a vicious cycle of a series of easy and meaningless classes.  Furthermore, I would not have the perspective necessary to choose good friends.  This would be my personal hell, with Satan standing on the sidelines, raving at his perfectly decayed creation.

In the case that I could take everything that I learned and experienced with me into the past, I would still not do it, being in that same physical and emotional hell, with a greater knowledge and conscience.  That situation might make me really go insane.

This is the main reason why I have chosen to forget about my childhood.

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