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If you read nodes like why is it bad to compliment a woman's breasts?, you hear that women are sick and tired of men ogling their breasts.

Well, it cuts both ways. I am sick and tired of women wearing tops so tight or cut so low or both that they leave nothing to the imagination and then expecting men not to look. As moJoe points out, breasts have a sexually pseudo-gravitational orbit. It's biological; men are programmed to look at breasts. It's taken me years of discipline (which I've tried to do out of respect for women and because of my religious beliefs) not to look at women's breasts as the first thing I notice. It is really, really hard -- you're fighting you autonomic nervous system. It can be done, but it's not easy, and most guys just won't bother, at least not in Western society.

I find it disheartening to say the least when a woman is obviously trying to flaunt her breasts, then reacts with feigned indignance when a man looks at them. What's more, it's inconsiderate of your sisters who are less gifted in the mammary department. How do you think it makes a woman less gifted feel, when all the guys look at you, and none of them look at her, because you have a little more fat accrued in the chest?

I also find I have respect for a woman who doesn't try to show her wares to every man on the street. It's much easier not to objectify a woman if her breasts are not the first thing that draws your attention.

There are such things as loose clothes, and as a general rule, they are more comfortable than things that look so tight they make corsets look comfortable. Why not consider wearing them for a change?


Geez: I don't have breast size preferences; I'm only concerned with women who put them on display. They might be big or small; it doesn't matter. You're missing the point.

TheLady: I really did not mean to offend. Obviously, I'm not talking about all women. But hang around a college or university campus for a while; you may understand what I mean better. I understand your point about men who look at breasts when they're wearing woolly jumpers, and I agree -- men can do that sometimes. But there are also men who aren't like that. I also think that men shouldn't stare at women's breasts; and that they should learn not to do it; but why not help them to do it? It's easier not to stare if there's nothing to stare at, I think you'll agree.

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