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An observation. I find it odd that there are so many people that will hate, ostracize and kill for reasons as stupid as flesh tone and sexual orientation. It really doesn't take much to see through the meaningless of it. We are all human, (presumed the only sentient species on planet Earth), with pretty much the same holes and flesh compound.

How can the human mind actually make a judgement based on purely visual appearance, (even typos or grammer), or things we do with our bodies? I consider my life online much more visible and perhaps damning than how i look, or what i do physically. When i go get my facial peircings done, it will impact how i am perceived at banks when i go to them looking for support on my internet application project. Sex is just using our bodies in a more interactive format that gives pleasure (or pain). We were born with what we have, and respect for someone's private use of it should be upheld.

Being human means we will celebrate what we have, and our track record is to follow track records instead of thinking critically as a whole. There are people i may find attractive and others not, those would be my preferences. I've only in extreme cases made decisions based on how someone looks, i try hard to wait til they open their mouths, or watch how they carry themselves to see how they portray within the machines we are all inside.

All the killing and massacres on this planet based on ignorance of flesh are disgusting to my sense of reality. I would almost think it should be our responsability to show the world how wrong they are, but that wont happen until everyone gets a chance to live in a multi-cultural society.

For that reason, i'm proud to be Canadian. However, there still remains vestiges of racism in Canada. (Some claim there is no racism, as humans are all one race, though a race can consist of people with certain recognizable differences, so i will use the word here). Everyone deserves a proper free education, in my opinion, paid for by all of us.

This gives the whole society and community a better outlook and allows more effective functioning to communicate our ideas among each other in an intelligent and respectful manner. This would stamp out most meaningless and mindless judegments inflicted on people not percieved as same within the limited cognitive repertoire of the perceiver.

You can't know yourself, until you know others. Once you know others you can gain the perspective required to function in society. Until then, the proliferation of 1 sided websites promoting hatred and violent disrepsect for humans will continue.

Sure it is possible to ignore them, but it would be better to have a place to live where the immaturity has been fixed and the minds upgraded to a level of respect.

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