"What's the value of a wheel?"
In Glorantha, a "wheel" is a gold coin, worth 20 silver coins (typically the Lunar penny). The riddlee is tempted to qualify - "the coin, or an actual wagon wheel?" "Are you asking how much a wagon wheel costs? Or are you asking what its function or merit is? Or how much does a gold wheel buy?" The Riddler shrugs off these qualifiers; the correct answer is "Everything and Nothing", so it doesn't really matter.

To Elves and Trolls, iron is poison; it burns them. To Dwarves, however, iron is a racial treasure; all the iron in the world is, in their view, stolen or loaned. Dwarves will go to great lengths to "recover" iron, Elves will journey far to be rid of it. Most people will do all in their power to hold on to their souls, though necromancers and vampires endure dangerous and elaborate rituals to be rid of theirs. In mundane philosophy, Heraclitus noted that a man will buy vengeance with his soul. The implication of the riddle is that all value is ultimately relative - even the values of the gods themselves.

Nysalori riddles

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