Below are all of the bands playing at Ingolstadt at the Walpurgisnacht rock festival in the Illuminatus! trilogy. They are all relevant.

They are here listed in order of their arrival at the festival.

Clark Kent and his Supermen
The Fillet of Soul
The Wrathful Visions
The Cockroaches
The Senate and the People of Rome
The Ultra-Violet Hippopotamus
The Thing on the Doorstep
Science and Health
Key to the Scriptures
The Glue Sniffers
King Kong and his Skull Island Dinosaurs
The Howard Johnson Hamburger
The Riot in Cell Block Ten
The House of Frankenstein
The Signifying Monkey
The Damned Thing
The Orange Moose
The Indigo Banana
The Pink Elephant
Frodo Baggins and his Ring
The Mouse That Roars
The Crew of the Flying Saucer
The Magnificent Ambersons
The House I Live In
The Sound Of One Hand
The Territorial Imperative
The Druids of Stonehenge
The Heads of Easter Island
The Lost Continent of Mu
Bugs Bunny and his Fourteen Carrots
The Gospel According to Marx
The Card-Carrying Members
The Sands Of Mars
The Erection
The Association
The Amalgamation
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
The Climax
The Broad Jumpers
The Pubic Heirs
The Freeks
The Windows
The Trashers (headed by Mick Jagger)
The Roofs
Moses and Monotheism
Civilization and its Discontents
Poor Richard and his Rosicrucian Secrets
The Wrist Watch
The Nova Express
The Father of Waters
The Human Beings
The Washington Monument
The Thalidomide Babies
The Strangers in a Strange Land
Dr. John the Night Tripper
Joan Baez
The Dead Man's Hand
Joker and the One-Eyed Jacks
Peyote Woman
The Heavenly Blues
The Golems
The Supreme Awakening
The Seven Types of Ambiguity
The Cold War
The Street Fighters
The Bank Burners
The Slaves of Satan
The Domino Theory
Maxwell and his Demons
The Acapulco Gold-Diggers
The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Dracula and his Brides
The Iron Curtain
The Noisy Minority
The International Debt
Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex
The Cloud of Unknowing
The Birth of a Nation
The Zombies
Attila and his Huns
The Catatonics
The Thorndale Jag Offs
The Haymarket Bomb
The Head of a Dead Cat
The Shadow Out Of Time
The Sirens of Titan
The Player Piano
The Streets of Laredo
The Space Odyssey
The Blue Moonies
The Crabs
The Dose
The Grassy Knoll
The Latent Image
The Wheel of Karma
The Communion of Saints
The City of God
General Indefinite Wobble
The Left-Handed Monkey Wrench
The Thorn in the Flesh
The Rising Podge
The Miniature Sled
The 23rd Appendix
The Other Cheek
The Occidental Ox
Ms. and the Chairperson
Cohen Cohen Cohen and Kahn
The Joint Phenomenon
The Wonders of the Invisible World
Maule's Curse
The Jesus Head Trip
Ahab and his Amputation
The Horseless Headsmen
The Leaves of Grass
The Gettysburg Address
The Rosy-Fingered Dawn
The Wine-Dark Sea
The Net of Jewels
Here Comes Everybody
The Pisan Cantos
The Snows of Yesteryear
The Pink Dimension
The Goose in the Bottle
The Incredible Hulk
The Third Bardo
Aversion Therapy
The Irresistible Force
MC Squared
The Enclosure Acts
Perpetual Emotion
The 99-Year Lease
The Immovable Object
Spaceship Earth
The Radiocarbon Method
The Rebel Yell
The Clenched Fist
The Doomsday Machine
The Rand Scenario
The United States Commitment
The Entwives
The Players of Null-A
The Prelude to Space
Thunder and Roses
The Time Machine
The Mason Word
Monkey Business
The Works
The Eight of Swords
Gorilla Warfare
The Box Lunch
The Primate Kingdom
The New Aeon
The Enola Gay
The Octet Truss
The Stochastic Process
The Fluxions
The Burning House
The Phantom Captain
The Decline of the West
The Duelists
The Call of the Wild
Consciousness III
The Reorganized Church of the Latter-Day Saints
Standard Oil Of Ohio
The Zig-Zag Men
The Rubble Risers
The Children of Ra
Acceptable Radiation
The Pollution Level
The Great Beast
The Whores of Babylon
The Waste Land
The Ugly Truth
The Final Diagnosis
Solution Unsatisfactory
The Heat Death of the Universe
Mere Noise
I Opening
The Nine Unknown Men
The Horse of Another Color
The Falling Rock Zone
The Ascent of the Serpent
Reddy Willing and Unable
The Civic Monster
Hercules and the Tortoise
The Middle Pillar
The Deleted Expletive
Deep Quote
The Dog Star
Nuthin' Sirius
Preparation H

Late arrivals: The Fernando Poo Incident
Headlining: The American Medical Association.

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