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Ilse Koch (or, as she is more colorfully referred to, the Bitch of Buchenwald), is one of the most (in)famous Nazis who were accused of comitting atrocities during World War II. Wife to Karl Koch, the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, she was accused of cruelty to inmates, murder, and... of course, the production of lampshades and other items made from human skin.

American courts discounted the accusations of her making use of human skin: alternately claiming that the Allied Forces had planted these items as forgeries, and saying that the leather had been made only from dead prisoners.

It has been widely accounted that Frau Koch would ride through the concentration camps on her horse, picking out 'lucky' prisoners with interesting tattoos to be made into her special brand of art.

Frau Koch created a variety of 'novelties' from human flesh, among them the cover of her journal, lampshades, and a pair of gloves.

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