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I remember once I was sitting on the beach with a young child, who explained to me that hell must be alot like trying to get the water out of a hole in the sand on the beach, you carry the bucket back and forth for eternity, making no progress.

I was only about twelve years old at the time, but I remember being both deeply moved and very disappointed at the same time.
I was deeply moved by the fact that a little girl at least 4 years younger than me would have such an intense train of thought, and relate it to her day at the beach.
I was disappointed in myself, because I suddenly felt shallow and worthless for enjoying my day at the beach without thinking on a higher plane of thought as this child did.

This memory has stuck with me my entire life, and to this day when I think of hell I remember watching that little girl carrying her bucket from her hole in the sand to the ocean over and over.
Since then I have tried to formulate my own vision of hell, and only since I have become a daily noder on Everything2.
My vision of hell is Eternal Word Galaxy.

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