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Somalian born supermodel/actress/makeup mogul born July 22, 1955.

When she was discovered and brought to New York to begin her modelling career, the press had a field day reporting that the exotic African beauty was discovered herding goats and living a nomadic life in her dusty homeland. In actuality, Iman's father was once the Somalia Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and her mother was a nurse. She was attending the University of Nairobe studying political science when a fashion photographer spotted Iman and pursuaded her to start modeling. Her long elegant neck and flawless face made her an instant celebrity in a modelling world still obsessed with blonde and perky Stepford Wives.

In 1989 she stopped modelling full-time and devoted herself to an acting career. She's appeared in several movies including: Out of Africa, Star Trek, No Way Out and the gawd awful Rosie O'Donnell vehicle Exit to Eden.

In the early 1990s she turned her attention to founding a cosmetics line for women of color called IMAN. The line was first introduced in JC Penney department stores and sold out in it's first few weeks. Today it is a multi-million dollar company that has branced out to include haircare and bodycare products.

Iman has two daughters, one by former husband and ex-NBA star Spencer Haywood and another by current hubby David Bowie.

In Arabic, the word 'Iman' actually means "faith and knowledge combined," and it also encompasses the major beliefs of Islam or 'Articles of Faith,' which include:

These articles of faith are then upheld by the Five Pillars of Islam

I*mam" (?), I*man" (?), I*maum" (?), n. [Ar. imam.]


Among the Mohammedans, a minister or priest who performs the regular service of the mosque.


A Mohammedan prince who, as a successor of Mohammed, unites in his person supreme spiritual and temporal power.


© Webster 1913.

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