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"Imperial Nomic" is a variant of Nomic which seems, to many, to be better suited to Internet play than the original Suber rules. It does away with all that democratic nonsense and replaces it with a single controlling force, usually referred to as The Imperial Emperor or something equally humble.

The rulings of The Imperial Emperor (TIE for short) are final. This makes Imperial Nomic well-suited for a fast-paced style of play; instead of having to wait for other players to debate and vote on things, TIE just makes unilateral rulings. (One can only hope that TIE is fair. As TIE is usually also the "administrator" of the game, and thus often predisposed to shoot down anything that means too much work for em, this may in fact be too much to hope for.)

It may only be a coincidence that Imperial Nomic was invented at Imperial College in London.

Thanks to Ouroboros for additions.

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