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In the Warhammer 40k universe, the imperium manufactures (or has manufactured - Games Workshop loves to sweep stuff under the rug when they get bored of it and pretend it never happened) the following vehicles: (vehicles marked with a # have only been officially produced in epic, and vehicles marked with a * have been disowned by GW).

Rhino Chassis:
Rhino APC
Razorback IFV
Predator battle tank
Whirlwind mobile artillary
*Sabre tank hunter
Vindicator close support vehicle

Land Raider chassis:
Land Raider Battle tank / troop carrier
*Spartan Terminator APC
Land Raider crusader troop carier

Basilisk Chassis:
Basilisk artillary piece
Chimera APC
*Chimerro/Chimedon/Chimerax IFV
#Manticore rocket artillary
#Deathstrike Missile launcher
Gryphon mobile mortar
#Hydra mobile anti-aircraft gun

Leman Russ chassis:
Leman Russ battle tank
Demolisher seige tank
#Bombard Seige mortar

Miscellaneous vehicles:
Mole, Termite - tunneling vehicles

Super-heavy tanks:
Baneblade Chassis:
#Baneblade super heavy battle tank
#Shadowsword super heavy tank destroyer
#Storm Hammer super heavy battle tank
#Stormblade super heavy tank destroyer

Miscelanious super heavy vehicles:
#Leviathan super heavy command center (manufactured by the *squats, but used by the imperial guard)
#Gorgon Super heavy troop carrier
*#Hellbore super heavy mole
*#Capitol Imperialis super heavy troop carrier

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