A character published by Marvel Comics. The Impossible Man first appeared in Fantastic Four #11.

The being known as the Impossible Man is an alien from the planet of Poppup. The dominate species on this world is a pointy-headed humanoid species with green skin who has adapted the ability to instantly change their shape into anything they can imagine to survive the harsh conditions on their world. The change is accompanied by a 'Pop!" sound. The species developed over the years so that they shared common thoughts and common goals, effectively becoming one. One of their members, however, developed a sense of individuality and found that he was terribly bored with existence on Poppup. So this one changed his shape into a space craft and left in search of adventure.

His journey eventually brought him to Earth and into contact with the Fantastic Four. Fancinated by the adventurous nature of a society of individuals, this newcomer decided to stay and be entertained. Dubbed by the Thing as the Impossible Man due to his ability to change into anything, the Poppupian began to explore this new world, making a general pest of himself in the process. Finally, Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four, surmised that if they ignored him the Impossible Man would leave, having grown bored with Earth. This plan in fact worked and the Impossible Man left Earth for greener pastures.

The Impossible Man has returned on a number of ocassions to harrass the heroes of Earth. Over the years, Poppup has been destroyed by the world-eater Galactus and the Impossible Man has created from himself a wife (the Impossible Woman) and even a whole lot of children. When they attempted to decide who the leader of their family should be, the Poppupians went on a scavenger hunt across the Earth, taking things from the heroes of Earth, including a collection of the Wasp's many costumes, Nick Fury's eyepatch, and the Hulk's pants.

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