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Impulse Roller Coasters are currently built only by the Swiss roller coaster manufacturers at Intamin AG. Impulse Roller Coasters are odd in that they launch directly through the station and then be launched backwards once and then forwards again much like a pendulum. This continues until it reaches the desired effect (usually the 3rd launch) and then finally slows down to stop inside the station (usually by the 5th launch). Because of this rocking motion, top speeds are not reached until the middle of the ride, which assists in the adaptation to the positive Gs. Impulse coasters run on a LIM based launch system which stands for Linear Induction Motor. The LIM system uses an electromagnetic field to gain enough energy to move the roller coaster train that quickly.

Impulse Coasters seem to be the newest trend in amusement parks today. They do not take up much of a footprint, therefore making it very easy to clear up a narrow strip of land to add a exhilarating roller coaster. There are few minor differences such as the amount of degrees in the spirals, the degree of ascent and whether there is a holding brake in the back spike or another spiral.

Currently there are a few Impulse Roller Coasters but the main bunch remain built within the Six Flags parks and Cedar Fair parks.

Six Flags:

  • V2: Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Marine World
  • Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great America

Cedar Fair:


*Superman Ultimate Escape at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure has been renamed Steel Venom after Cedar Fair's acquisition of Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

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