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I personally don't get the male lust for tiny, scrawny women. Being a healthy, robust 6-foot-2 man, I'm always afraid I'm going to break these waifs. Not that I have anything against skinny women, just that I don't understand why they are so overwhelmingly preferred.

Take a good look at a nice, well-built, large woman. See if she has nice eyes. If she is good and robust, she is probably getting good nutrition, which reflects in shiny, healthy hair. They tend to have better curves, as well.

Because large women tend to get ignored by stupid men, they get a low self-esteem and develop eating disorders. Which I find to be a crime against humanity. They are looking for a man to validate their body, and you could find an opportunity for a very satisfying relationship if you provide that for them.

You should look at the inside of a person, her personality, when looking for love, but even you take exterior appearences into consideration, don't be a sheep by thinking that only skinny women are attractive. Open your mind. Look at earlier periods of art, where full-figured gals were thought to be sexy.

I like large women. And they like me.

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