In the Army Now (1994)
Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr. (Toy Soldiers)

Plot Summary

Yes, it's a Pauly Shore movie. Yes, it's predictable. You probably know what it's about already, just from reading the title. If so, please skip to the discussion section. Otherwise, read on.

Bones (Pauly Shore) and Jack (Andy Dick) get fired from their jobs at an electronics store and need some money. What better way to earn a quick buck than to join the Army Reserves? I can think of a bunch, actually. But Bones and Jack can't.

They enlist, make complete asses of themselves during boot camp ("Yessss, drill sergeant," says Pauly, coyly). They choose a specialty that is sure to keep them out of harm's way -- water purification. This was 1994, however, with memories of the Gulf War reasonably fresh in America's collective mind, and there isn't much pure water in the desert.

Needless to say, Bones and Jack are desperately needed for an urgent mission in Libya, and are thrust into combat. They are partnered with Lori Petty (Tank Girl!) and David Alan Grier and proceed to make asses of themselves in the desert. They try to trade a truck with some bedouins -- "It's even got a tape player for your abida-bada-bouda music!" It doesn't get any better than that.

Of course, they wind up saving the world, and Pauly is a big hero. Woo-hoo.


"In the Army Now" is a classic tale of loss and redemption, and of man's ability to do heroic deeds in times of hardship. No, it's not. It's a Pauly Shore movie. But it's funny. Then again, I think Jury Duty and Son-In-Law are funny. I own all three.

Don't get me wrong, I think Pauly Shore is a moron. But today's moron-comics pale in comparison. Seriously. Sit down with these three films -- the Holy Trinity of Pauly Shore? -- and you will fall in love with the greatest wit of our time, guaranteed*.

* not guaranteed

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