Holding him, holding me
in the darkness
where you can barely see.
My arms tight around him
his around me
tears on his jacket
muffled whispers in mine.
my lips on the tipof his nose,
his forehead,
a mere inch away.
So close and yet so far,
because he promised. His hands on my cheeks,
on my back.
My hands on his neck,
his back, his chest, his face.
He promised to try to hold me,
and keep me safe.
Holding me tighter, but not
tight enough,
His thumb on my lip.
He wanted to kiss me
I wanted to kiss him
that is betrayal
his girlfriend is my friend.
But we did not act on it
We held ourselves back
How we did it, I don't know.
I don't know how long it can last,

I touched his soul.
He touched mine.
Our white cores of pain,
mixing and mingling,
I'm confused and tingling
I'm not sure what I am
Only that I'm not
supposed to question it.
Life is like a rubik's cube.
A multisided one, infinitely-sided.
I can still feel his hands
on my cheeks,
I feel so weak.
I miss him so,
I dreamt of him,
I miss him so.
I don't know what I am
going to do.
He laid his head in my
lap and just hurt.
What is going on?
What happened?
This is a guy I've only
Known for a few weeks...
Or three hundred years
What is going on?
I miss him so.
It's so much worse knowing
that he's going to go.
I can't talk to anyone
about what's going on.
I really miss him
I hope we won't be gone long
I have no idea what's going on,
I hope it was real,
'cause it feels like a dream.
If it was, I am going to scream.
This is strange
truly bizarre
What's happening here
does anybody know?
I sure as hell don't
Verily Wierd.
Quietly talking on the phone,
trying to be suitably vague.
My mother was in the room.
What am i going to do?
This is a time of great oddity,
He's not even here to talk with me.
Holding him, holding me
in the darkness
where we could barely see.
What are we doing?
What have we done?
It's all a matter of timing
The timing is fucked.
The Goddess is being a sadistic bitch,
Waht did I do? What have I done?
This "complication" (not saying it's a bad thing)
is going to make life very complicated.
Very weird, strange, bizarre.
What the hell is going on here?
I sat there, holding him,
holding me,
In the darkness
where no one else couls see.
Sharing secrets
Scared to death...
What's is going on?
Dazed and kinda confused,
it was real.
I know it was
but I don't know
what really happened?
Was it all in my mind,
the tingles, the chills,
the feeling of his hand on my cheek,
his breath on my neck?
What am I going to do?!
I just keep coming back to the beginning

Holding him,
Holding me,
In the darkness,
where we could barely see...

I kinda miss her... Her personality that is.

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