He had left her sleeping, exhausted from lovemaking, the sun lending a golden light to her skin. She had whimpered and murmured a little as he slipped from her side, but with a sigh, had settled back, snuggling into the pillows.

He planned to wake her gently with breakfast, once he had showered. She worked too hard, he thought, and she deserved a little pampering. A smile crossed his lips as he thought back to the night before. Yes, she worked too hard - and she played even harder. Flicking the switch on the percolator, he went through to the bathroom, and turned the shower on full, and stepped under its spray.

He sucked in a sharp breath as the jets of hot water stung his skin, jerking him into full wakefulness. It was invigorating, stimulating, and he felt a sense of complete contentment, as the water thundered around him. He was looking forward to the day, resting and relaxing with her, drifting wherever their whims and desires took them. A smile spread across his face as he contemplated some possible destinations.

Wrapped up in his own thoughts, he noticed nothing, until suddenly he felt her body against his back, her arms slipping around his waist, and her lips pressed to the back of his neck. "Hi Lover," she murmured, "is there room enough in here for two?"

He moved, smiling, to make space, turning to face her. She was tousled and still looked sleepy, but her smile was loving and happy as she twined her arms around his neck and leaned forward to press her lips on his. The kiss was long, slow and erotic, and his body reacted immediately. Feeling his hardness pressing into her hip, she moved in closer, still kissing, running her arms across his shoulders, down his spine, and coming to rest on his buttocks. Gently she pulled him tighter against her, trapping his hardness between them and moving her hips a little to rub against it.

He sighed against her lips in pleasure and she lifted her mouth away. Looking straight into his eyes she said, "I love you. Gods, how I love you!" Then she dropped her lips to the hollow at the base of his throat and kissed and nuzzled against him.

She took the soap in her hands and worked it to a lather, stepping back again, letting the now slick fingers glide lightly over his skin --chest, shoulders, arms, back, all the time washing, caressing, stimulating. And then, back to the soap before she dropped her hands to cup and stroke his cock and balls. He moaned involuntarily, a long, low, ecstatic moan, as he sprung fully erect under the tender ministrations of her fingers and palms. Lightly, teasingly she stroked him, giving a delighted giggle as his breathing became shallower, the sounds from his throat louder, and as his fingers dug tightly into the flesh of her shoulders.

"Nice?" she asked turning her face up to look at his through the spray. Biting his lower lip, he just nodded. He thought how lovely she looked just then, her eyes bright, her hair slicked against her head, her skin, dewy and glowing.

"Oh good!" She smiled and dropped her head to his chest, licking his nipple, biting, very gently, eliciting another gasp. Her hands slid backwards stroking his buttocks, floating over the water that coursed down both their bodies, and her mouth worked lower as she sank first to one knee, trailing kisses down his belly, and then to the second, pressing her lips against the hair just above his groin.

He was barely breathing, as she sat back on her heels and gently, very gently, cradled his cock in one hand, lifting the tip to her lips and kissing it tenderly. She looked up at his face, through the water, and smiled mischievously before dropping her head again to enclose the head in her mouth, flickering her tongue across it, smiling as she felt it jerk in response to the attention.

He dropped his hands to her head, smoothing the wet hair back behind her ears, holding her to him - not that she seemed to have any intention of moving away. Slowly, her hands exerting a light but insistent pressure on his buttocks, she pulled him further into her mouth, her lips caressing it, as more and more was enclosed in the warm softness, her tongue running back and forth along it, stroking the ridge along the underside, circling the tip, then working its way back along the length of the shaft.

Gradually, he began to make a slight swaying movement of his hips, sliding himself deeper into her mouth, then out a little, then back in, meeting the caressing, flickering, intoxicating pressure of her tongue with each stroke, as her hands played over his bum, down his legs and up again, to cup and caress his inner thighs and then his balls.

He was aware, somewhere, of the water washing over him, but all his attention was centred on her, on her lips, on the steadily increasing tempo of her tongue up and down the length of his now throbbing cock, on the slight increase of pressure with every stroke compelling him on to climax, on her hands cupping and gently squeezing his tight balls, on the complete pleasure. And all the time she was licking, stroking, sucking, caressing him, fucking him with her mouth and hands, driving him wild.

With a strangled gasp, he felt his entire body tighten as his orgasm exploded, and he pulled her head onto him, burying his whole length inside her as he came, feeling a delicious contraction around his cock as she swallowed, still licking him, sucking him, draining him utterly dry.

And he reached down and took her hands in his, helping her to her feet and cuddling her close against him, kissing her deeply, and tasting himself on her. He murmured in her ear that he loved her, as she leant her head against his shoulder, and she smiled and said "me too". They stood there for a minute or two, relaxed, happy, letting the water splash over them, until at last he turned off the tap, grabbed a huge fluffy towel and wrapped her in it.

"Now," he said, "Breakfast."

She turned to him, with a wide grin. "I've already eaten," she replied, "But I could kill for a coffee."

rain never tasted so sweet
white clouds
and the suds
with a hand in my hair
and giggles that fall up
like rainbows
in the shower with you
where up has come down
and my breast on your stomach
your lips at my lips
and the whole thing
in the shower with you
jasmine scents
going down
and the sponge on my back
your hand at my hip
and our feet going forward
to mark out the pattern
of rain falling up
and me going down
that shampoo drip sound
suds clouding my ear
in the shower with you
and loud drops in my eyes
with a laugh
as i reach
one more inch
for you drenched
in a smile now in
that could never quite taste
quite like you

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