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A wargame description of a nation or culture's tendency to progress through industry and trade, rather than conquest. Integrally related to the rulers' perspectives on justice and the culture's work ethic.

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In*dus"tri*ous (?), a. [L. industrius, industriosus: cf. F. industrieux. See Industry.]


Given to industry; characterized by diligence; constantly, regularly, or habitually occupied; busy; assiduous; not slothful or idle; -- commonly implying devotion to lawful and useful labor.

Frugal and industrious men are commonly friendly to the established government. Sir W. Temple.


Steadily and perseveringly active in a particular pursuit or aim; as, he was negligent in business, but industrious in pleasure; an industrious mischief maker.

Industrious to seek out the truth of all things. Spenser.

-- In*dus"tri*ous*ly, adv. -- In*dus"tri*ous*ness, n.


© Webster 1913.

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