Ingome Yesive, which means "O God, Bestower of the Blessings of the Swazi", is the national anthem of Swaziland. The music is a cross between traditional Swazi music (which features elaborate rhythms and polyphony) and western music. Here are the lyrics, in siSwati with the english translation beneath each line.


Nkulunkulu Mnikati wetibusiso teMaswati,
O God, bestower of the blessings of the Swazi,
Siyatibonga tonkhe tinhlanhla,
We give Thee thanks for all our good fortune,
Sibonga iNgwenyama yetfu,
We offer thanks and praise for our king,
Live netintsaba nemifula.
And for our fair land, its hills and rivers,

Busisa tiphatsi mandla taka Ngwane
The Blessings be on all rulers of our country,
Nguwe wedvwa Somandla wetfu,
Might and power are Thine alone,
Sinike kuhlanipha lokungenabucili
We pray Thee to grant us wisdom without deceit or malice.
Simise usicinise, Simakadze.
Establish and fortify us, Lord Eternal.

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